Voice lessons are available for all ages. (Including college students and adults!)

Lessons focus on the development of proper breathing, resonance, and tone production. In addition, voice students will work on performance style, interpretation, and language. Voice students will participate in studio recitals.

Practice Expectations

Voice students are expected to practice enough to reach their lesson goals each week. Practice should focus first on assigned vocalises, then repertoire.

It is best if voice students are able to read music or have experience playing another instrument, preferably piano. Students who cannot read music will require additional music theory materials.

I was told at a young age that I couldn’t and shouldn’t sing. Cayce was the first person in my life to convince me otherwise. After her help, I am now singing confidently every single day as a music therapist. All my patients have her to thank.
— Allison

Cayce is a musical extraordinaire: her talents never cease to amaze me, and she has the ability to help vocalists explore the various realms and flexibility of voice.
— Morgan